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Varios 970

Varios 970

Varios 970 Optic Complete Sets

MODEL: VA970 LUX (120V) ORDER CODE: Y1001166
MODEL: VA970 LUX (230V) ORDER CODE: Y1001168

Varios 970 Non-Optic Complete Sets

MODEL: VA970 (120V) ORDER CODE: Y1001174
MODEL: VA970 (230V) ORDER CODE: Y1001175


Control unit / Handpiece / Handpiece cord / 3 Scaling tips (G4, G6, G8) / Foot control (FC-70) / 2 x Irrigation bottles / 3 x Tip wrench with torque limiter / AC power cord / Sterilization case


Power Supply AC 120V or 230V 50/60 Hz
Frequency 28-32 KHz
Max. output 11W(G mode)
Dimensions W160 x D270 x H190 (mm) (Including Bottle)
Unit weight / Module weight 2.1kg(Except attachment)
Bottlevolume 400 mL (x 2 bottles)