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Surgic Pro2

The internationally acclaimed Surgic Pro surgical micromotor system has evolved into “Surgic Pro2”.
There are 3 progress points, in operation, safety and wireless extensibility.

3 Progress Points

  • The Surgic Pro2 fine-tunes NSK's own AHC technology to achieve even more accurate torque calibration. The torque setting discrepancy is reduced a further 30% compared to the previous Surgic Pro model. Minimizing the discrepancy between the set torque value and actual output torque value improves safety during implant treatment.

  • Osseo100+ measure implant stability and osseointegration to enhance decisions about when to load. Especially important when using protocols with shorter treatment time and treating risk patients.

  • The Osseointegration Monitoring Device, "Osseo 100+" measures the implant stability quotient contactlessly and can be connected using Bluetooth®, permitting ISQ confirmation over a shared interface. You can share and manage the data of those measured ISQ scores at other terminals through Surgic Pro2.