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Sterilising dental instruments is crucial for patients’ and operators’ safety. The new iClave 24 autoclave perfectly combines performance, user experience, and technology, ensuring an effective, comfortable, and worry-free experience. Its 24-litre stainless steel chamber with 5 trays of 2 different dimensions maximises the actual capacity. In addition, the new high-efficiency steam generator allows for superior performance, resulting in perfectly sterilised equipment in less time.

But there’s more. Its user-friendly colour touchscreen, elegant, ergonomic design, and cutting-edge technology make iClave 24 a safe, efficient device that is also a pleasure to use. NSK’s unmistakable quality and reliability ensures impeccable sterilisation, making iClave 24 the effective and comfortable answer to your needs.

Technology & Function

  • Optimised load capacity
    Optimised load capacity

    Not all autoclaves with a 24-litre chamber are the same. With iClave 24, that is the actual capacity: up to 7 kg –at the top of its category –thanks to its 5-tray system that allows you to exploit all the room inside the chamber.

  • Fast cycle, excellent performance
    Fast cycle, excellent performance

    The new high-efficiency steam generator with stainless steel coil injects the steam into the chamber, into the middle of the tray holders, which act as heat accumulators, enabling a more even distribution of heat and lessening its impact on the instruments. The heat accumulated by the tray holders is released to the load during the drying phases, guaranteeing perfect, rapid drying. Together with the design of the chamber, the trays and the water circuit, this system enables rapid Class B and Class S cycles.

  • Internal ventilation
    Internal ventilation

    The internal ventilation system is effective and durable. It is also a very quiet ventilation system, which translates into long-lasting performance and more comfort for the operator.

  • A next-generation experience
    A next-generation experience

    iClave 24’s 4.3’’ capacitive colour touchscreen is extremely straightforward, and can even be used while wearing gloves. This way, managing every function –from programming cycles to running tests –is a safe and satisfying experience, ensuring perfect sterilisation.

  • A faster, safer, and more practical way to manage water
    A faster, safer, and more practical way to manage water

    iClave 24’s chemical-resistant clean water tank is easy to fill and clean. It also has a filter you can easily remove and replace. In addition, the two quick connectors for used water and clean water drainage respectively ensure these operations can be handled safely and extremely practically, because the water can only drain away if the tube is inserted into the connector, making the operation extremely user-friendly.

  • Easy traceability
    Easy traceability

    A contemporary autoclave must ensure safe sterilisationcycles and be able to track and store all the data. iClave 24 meets this need in more than one way.

    -Ethernet connection that allows you to connect the autoclave to a web platform

    -USB flash drive, which allows you to transfer all the information from the autoclave to a computer and save it wherever you want

    -by iClave 24’s built-in or external printer to print reports and labels.

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iClave 24

iClave 24

  • Model:iClave 24 (excluding printer)
  • Order Code:92412B0100
  • Model:iClave 24 (including printer)
  • Order Code:92412B0100P


  • External Dimensions
  • W 451 x H 492 x D 669 mm
  • Chamber Dimensions
  • Φ 265 x 475 mm
  • Chamber Capacity
  • 24 L
  • Net Weight
  • 55 kg
  • Supply Voltage CE
  • 230 V - 50/60Hz
  • Maximum Power Consumption
  • 2,350 W
  • Cycle Water Consumption*
  • 700 ~ 800 cc
  • Tank Capacity (clean and used water)
  • 5 litres each
  • Sound Level
  • 60 dB(A)

*Water consumption varies depending on device operating conditions (e.g. chamber temperature, cycle selected, etc.).
Available also with UK plug

Sterilisation cycles
iClave 24 is a steam steriliser for materials and medical devices that are likely to come into contact with blood and body fluids. Based on the requirements of the EN 13060:2014+A1:2018 standard for small sterilisers, it is suitable for the following sterilisation cycles and loads:

Class B
Sterilisation of wrapped and unwrapped solid, porous, and hollow instruments, as represented by the test loads in the standard.

Class S
Sterilisation of unwrapped solid products.

B Universal 134°C 4’ 00” 10’ 2 kg 41 mins 7 kg 59 mins
B Prion 134°C 18’ 30” 14’ 2 kg 62 mins 7 kg 78 mins
B Fast 134°C 3’ 30” 5’ - - 0.7 kg** 29 mins
B 121 121°C 20’ 30” 16’ 2 kg 67 mins 7 kg 82 mins
S Fast 134°C 3’ 30” 7’ - - 2 kg 32 mins

** Use only one tray in the second slot, starting from the bottom. Only for solids, hollow wrapped and unwrapped.