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Contributing to reduced power consumption while maintaining a comfortable internal environment through the use of Σ panels on outer walls.

Our new Head Office building (RD1 building), surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Nikko Mountains, Mt. Fukaiwa, Oashi River, etc., was opened in April 2017.

The outer walls of the building are covered in custom-made extruded aluminum Σ (Sigma) panels, which control the internal environment and protect the structure of the building. These Σ panels are equipped with an insulation layer and natural ventilation system, allowing the maintaining of a comfortable environment inside the building, and drastically reducing the consumption of power by air conditioners. Furthermore, the building has an air conditioning system that relies on the use of groundwater. It is used to air condition large spaces, such as the RD1 building entrance, showroom, and center court with a four-story wellhole. Groundwater is circulated and used in conjunction with the underfloor air conditioner to efficiently maintain the comfort of living spaces while consuming little power.

The RD1 building built in the wilderness of Kanuma hasΣ panels with freeform curves creating soft shadows that blend into the surrounding landscape and enhance the appearance of the building with the transience of the seasons.

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