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NSK Nakanishi Foundation provides scholarships that don’t require repayment allowing dental students to study without anxiety.

Our bodies and lives are dependent on the food we consume every day, so our mouths through which food enters the body is like an entrance for life itself. Protecting our oral health is the secret to protecting the health of our entire body. Dentists are experts in protecting our oral health. Fostering dentists with a world-class level of awareness, knowledge and skills is an important mission for Nakanishi too.

NSK Nakanishi Foundation was established as a general incorporated foundation on October 12, 2016 (transitioned to a public interest incorporated foundation in 2018), and supports dental students by providing scholarships to outstanding students who will go on to lead dental healthcare of the future. The funds target undergraduate and graduate students resident in Japan studying or engaged in research on dentistry. The scholarships do not require repayment, allowing students to devote themselves to their studies with passion. There are 202 undergraduate students, and 42 graduate students receiving the scholarships as of April 2023.

Furthermore, two new projects were launched in August 2023. One was the providing of a subsidy for researching and developing medical equipment in the fields of implant treatment, periodontal disease treatment and neurosurgery (spinal cord). The other was the providing of support to researchers who aspire to studying more advanced dentistry overseas. Applicants are already being advertised for in both projects, and we hope to provide opportunities for students to devote themselves to their studies with passion, while offering peace of mind to people who wish to devote themselves to research.

In the future, they will be the ones to prop up the health of people around the world through dental care, and establish the foundations for a comprehensive healthcare system. This is the future we are aiming for.

NSK Nakanishi Foundation

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