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Holding of annual NSK Rising Event, a cultural event hosted by leading figures in various fields.

NSK holds NSK Rising Events with the aim of mutually “rising = continuing to grow,” while enhancing the cultural literacy of employees and allowing the local community to enjoy cultural events.

These events were begun in 2017 to commemorate the construction of the RD1 Head Office building. Leading figures in a variety of fields have been invited to the event, including Noh and Rakugo traditional performing artists, wine brewers and musicians. Employees and people of local communities are invited to the events to enjoy all kinds of stage performances.
The events were suspended for a while due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the 5th NSK Rising Event was held on August 26, 2023.

All the members of the jazz unit, Sadao Watanabe Quartet 2023 gathered in the center court of RD1, led by Mr. Sadao Watanabe (saxophone), a world-renowned jazz musician from Utsunomiya City of Tochigi Prefecture.
436 people from within and outside Tochigi Prefecture took part in the event, and the venue was filled with their loud applauses.

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